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The Gaiteye App. together with a Gaiteye Sensor helps the active runner optimze the running performance by monitoring up to 15 key biomechanical metrics in realtime leading to optimal running economy and reducing the risk of injury.

With existing running gadgets today you can track WHETHER you have improved since your last run. However until NOW no other footpod has been able to answer WHY you have improved - i.e. the biomechanics behind it all.

During the last 10 years many running experts have been preaching the importance of natural running. Heel striking should be avoided and midfoot or forefoot striking should be preferred for optimal running performance. With Gaiteye, you can actually measure your striking position in realtime and furthermore give the runner audio feedback on how to optimize their running performance on the fly.

Key performance metrics measured by Gaiteye:
- Forefoot striking
- Midfoot striking
- Heel striking
- Stride cadence
- Stride length
- Ground Contact Time
- Speed, Time, Tempo
- Striking angle
- Midstance angle
- Toeoff angle

Unique features:
- Easy to use - 4 simple steps and you are ready to be the best you can be!
- Realtime audio feedback on your running performance
- Virtual Coach lets you set your targets and benchmark your running performance

The Gaiteye app includes features that require the persistent use of real-time location updates while the app is in the background.

Battery use disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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